Monday, September 17, 2012

Guest posting today!

Happy Monday morning.  It happens to be an absolutely beautiful (perfect) day here!  I love Monday's.  There's just something about getting a chance to start over with a new week.  And we get to do that 52 times a year.  Just remembering the quote from "Anne of Green Gables." 

**Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it."

Love that.  I hope you'll use your Monday as a fresh start.  And don't worry, if you blow it, you always get a fresh start tomorrow, or the next Monday!!

***Today I have the priveledge of guest posting on my dear friend Bevy's blog.  I feel so honored.  I hope you'll pop on over and read what I have to say about anxiety.  Anxiety can be a dark topic, but nevertheless it's a real issue for me.  I hope you'll feel encouraged.  Say Hi to Bevy and be entered to win a giveaway!!!

To read my guest post go here

Thanks for stopping by!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

A little home improvement

I just wanted to show you what I've been up to as of late.

Last Saturday I had a whole day all to myself so I took advantage of that time and decided to paint my kitchen cabinets.  It's only phase one of the whole kitchen makeover, but so far I'm pleased with the results.

To get a real appreciation I'll show you a picture of what the kitchen looked like before.  This is what it looked like when we bought the house.

This next picture shows what it looked like after we took out the prison bars and painted the walls.

That's about how it has stayed since we moved in.  It's not that I hated the blue, it just wasn't the color I chose, nor would it really be a color I would choose.  And after living here for over two years, the paint was beginning to chip and the cabinets were getting a little on the dirty side.  So, I decided it was time to change.  And with no one around it was the perfect opportunity.

Part of the reason it took me so long to paint them was because I struggled with what color I wanted.  My dream was to paint them black.  Oh I love that, but with black appliances I thought that would be way to much.  I also thought about doing a colonial burgundy, but again I wasn't sure if it would be too dark.  So, I opted for a colonial green.  Green isn't one of my favorite colors, but it's definitely one that I'm okay with.  Better than the blue anyway.

So, here's how they turned out.

Since I took the photos, I've already changed out the curtains and added some decorations to the cabinet sides at the window.  I'll show an prettier picture when the kitchen is cleaned up and ready. 

Well, like I said, it's just phase one.  We want to install a new backsplash.  I'm thinking brick.  Also, we want to install a new counter top.  We have a portable dishwasher (you can kind of see it in the photo above) but I would like to have one installed when we replace the counters.  All of this takes time and money.  Both a precious thing these days.

So, what do you think?  Should I have gone with black or burgundy?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was a prince and a princess.  On a certain day in the merry month of September this happy couple discussed who would take the "good" chariot.  The prince decided to let the princess have it and she was ever so grateful. 

He on the other hand would suffer because of this decision.  You see, the chariot that the prince had to take was considerably older and didn't have the special features of the princess' chariot.  One such feature it was lacking was that of a reminder when the prince would leave his lights on.  **Who knew a chariot had lights.  ; ]

On this merry day, the prince drove his chariot to work and left the lights on.  Because of this the chariot had a dead battery.  However, the prince will not discover this until about 6 pm when it is time to leave.

The princess, being the sweet woman she was, was preparing for her prince a lovely dinner.  Her happy children whistling tunes while setting the family dinner table.  In concern for her prince she placed a call only to discover his battery was dead.

**Okay, so part of that paragraph may not be entirely true.**  Side note, this is the fourth time the prince has had a dead battery.  **Another side note, the prince received a birthday gift from the princess' mother containing a device that would jump start the prince's chariot without using another chariot.  Did the prince have it with him on this merry day?**  No.

So, the prince had to go find help for his chariot.  When he calls his precious princess he then informs her that not only was his battery dead, but now his keys were locked inside his chariot.

The princess realizes the predicament her prince is in and must abruptly end her dinner, leaving the half eaten plates and food on the counter.  She heads to her chariot with her children in tow.  And of course, the extra keys to the prince's chariot, oh, and the special device to jump the battery.

The children had homework that night and school the next day and the princess realizes that the children can not go along.  So, she turns to her mother for help.  Dropping the keys and device with the princess' mom, the decision is made that she would go save the prince and the princess would take care of the children.

**Side note, the princess mom has a gps, but it is in the chariot that is being repaired at the mechanics.**

So, she heads off into the night to save the prince.  But by this time, the prince had hitched a ride in a co-workers chariot to his home to wait for help.  A short time later, the princess checks in with the prince and learns that he is now with the princess' mom and heading to revive his chariot.

Ah, all is well, or so she thinks.  The princess had just sat down at the table to reload on her dinner and help her children with their homework when the prince calls.  He needed help because they were lost.  The princess being the sweet wife she is digs up a map (on google) and becomes her prince's gps, guiding them along to their destination.

However, what the princess doesn't realize is that the destination on the map was incorrect.  And so, for thirty minutes she sends them in the complete opposite direction.  Once the error was discovered, the prince and the princess' mom refueled her chariot and headed back in the direction of the prince's chariot.

It seemed that all was well at this point.  And it was, however, by now it was after 9 pm.  The prince would arrive to find his chariot.  Get it started and drive home.  He will arrive at 10:15.

Upon entering his castle, the prince falls to the couch in exhaustion, where he will sleep the entire night. 

And they lived happily ever after...

The moral of the story is, make sure you have an extra set of keys hidden somewhere on your chariot.  And, if you turn on your chariot lights, please remember to turn them off.  If you receive a gift from your prince/princess' mom, always have it with you.  And make sure you always have a map in the glove box of your chariot. 

**This story may or may not have been true.  It may or may not have happened to me and my husband.  He may or may not have woken the next morning and in a series of events managed to lose his keys and throw them away all within five minutes.  We may or may not live happily ever after!!!