Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Just Popping In

I have had such a splendid weekend celebrating Easter.  The weather was perfect for part of the weekend and I just love getting outside and getting the winter "stink" blown off me.  We had a very nice easter dinner with family and extended family from out of town.

With all of the beauty taking place outside and this Easter celebration I am reminded of Christ's love and goodness to me.  I just wanted to share one of my favorite verses with you today.  I hope it's a good reminder to you as it is to me.

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  1. I just nominated you for the Liebster Award..
    I hope you'll accept it. Please see my blog for post details and here are my 11 questions for you to answer..
    1. Your blog title/name? How did it come about... is there a story?
    2. Books. Who is your favorite author? What is your style?
    3. Speaking of Style. Who/what inspires you in your wardrobe selection?
    4. If you're a mom! - Any advice you could share? If you're not... What do you wish you could share?
    5. In blogging.. Do you share your Faith? Why or Why not?
    6. Collections... What is yours? Baskets? Cookbooks? - How did you get started?
    7. Do you have that one "best friend" - what makes her a great friend? Give me just two-three words.
    8. Pizza or Stromboli? Would that be homemade or "Take Out"?
    9. Camera advice...is needed. What would you recommend?
    10. And your favorite flower is...?
    11. Tell me that one idiosyncrasy you LOVE about yourself..