Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Our new (used) coffee table

I have been on the search for a new coffee table for our living room.  I recently found this baby at a local thrift store.

I'm sorry to say that I had already begun to sand it, so I don't have the original "before" picture.  : [  It had what some would call "good bones."  It's solid wood and the size was perfect.  I also loved the style.  When I brought it home my husband was less than impressed.  Usually he can see potential.  I don't know what he didn't see.  Anyhoo, I spent a lot of time sanding, sanding and sanding some more.  What you can't see in the picture is the finish.  It was a thick thick stain of a reddish color all over.  Not quite what I wanted.

I had all of the supplies I needed on hand.  Wasn't a real complicated job.  Just time consuming.  Waiting between coats of paint and stain.  Spent more time waiting than doing the work.  : ]

So, here is the finished product.

I am pleased.  We finally have a real "grown-up" coffee table.

So when are you coming over for some coffee to put on my coffee table?

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