Sunday, June 24, 2012

A sunken ship

A few weekends ago we were down in Baltimore visiting some family.  I mentioned it here.  It was a rather quick trip, but I was excited as we were going to be going out on their boat.  It was to be a quick ride, so we got the kids all geared up and the men went to ready the boat.

This would be my first time on a boat like this.  Most of our time is spent in a small fishing boat just big enough to hold our family...and nothing else.  I was excited.  We all were excited.  Until...there was trouble.  The men spent quite some time trying to get it going, but it turns out the battery died.  Bummer!  We were slightly disappointed, but were promised a ride on our next trip down in July.

Well, it doesn't look like that will be happening now either.  You see, what happened is this, they got the battery replaced and loaded up the boat with some friends of theirs and hit the water.  Now, you must know that they live on the Chesapeake Bay.  This is not a man-made lake that I'm most accustomed to.  Well, anyway, while out on the water, a seal in the motor went bad and they took on water.  In six minutes the boat sank to the bottom of the Chesapeake.  Yep, you read that right, it sank.

Everyone made it off ok and were picked up by a passing sail boat.  The coast guard has since pulled it out of the water and it is now considered a total loss.  They are looking to replace it, and I must admit I hope they do so before our trip back down. 

Is it me, or is that just crazy?  I mean, how often do boats sink like that?  And to think, that could have been us.  I am soooo glad that the battery failed that day and I did not have to endure a ride on a sinking ship.

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