Friday, March 22, 2013

A Friday Night

I just wanted to show you what a typical Friday night might look like around our house.  I happen to love Friday nights.  It seems to be the only night of the week we can stay up as late as we want.  Here it is 10:45 and guess what?  I'm the only one up.  Andy fell asleep long ago and I made the boys go to bed just after 10.  So, here I sit.  Me and my computer (and you).

I love it when we make no plans and can just stay home. 

We worked on a puzzle, had ice cream, watched a movie and played games.  Even the dog got a treat.  My house is a disaster, but hey, this is life.  Right?


  1. Those are my favorite nights too. Cozying in. No bedtime. Being home:-)

    Thanks for reading along with my blog. I'm praying for your need right now. Give it to Him and expect whatever you're carrying to fall off. Let it go...

    1. Becky,
      Thank you so much...for stopping by, for caring to get to know others, and for praying. You are a special dear.

  2. There is nothing quite like being "at home"... while at home. You know?

    It's the most comfortable places in life to just BE!

    Love you..