Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bathroom Reveal

Well, several months back my husband and I decided to re-do our bathroom.  It was time.  See for yourself.

The floor was dirty and disgusting and beyond the point that you could clean it.  The color of the tiles and the tub, can you say ugly?  The sink was scratched and dirty.  Don't get me started on the heater.  I've mentioned it here.  Let's not go there today, okay?

We tried to work with it and made a few minor adjustments.

It helped, but not with the floor problem.  Underneath one of the rugs we were missing floor tiles, so needless to say, when the time was right we tore it apart.

Sadly, we said good-bye to the old cast iron turqoisey-aqua tub, tiles and floor.  Okay, it wasn't sad.  However, living without a bathroom is never pleasant.  Especially if it's the "girls" bathroom of the home and during construction all girls have to use the "boys" bathroom.  Use your imagination on that one.

So, after several months, it is finally completed.  Can I get a woo-hoo?!!!!  Andy worked on this when his time allowed.  I certainly wish it went faster, but he did the best he could. 

I am very happy with how it turned out.  Instead of replacing the drywall where the old tile was, we decided to use a bead-board to cover over it.

It's so fresh and clean.  I would still like to add to this wall a picture of some sort and possibly a towel rack.  It's just so nice and crisp that I'm not in a big hurry to put holes in the wall.

Here is my sparkly white brand new tub.

I've already had the privelege of a good soak.  I'm enjoying it immensely.

I love taking showers now.  No more sharing the boys shower.

We had quite a time trying to find a vanity that would work in this space.  We actually wanted a smaller one in length than what was previously there.  It did not allow a lot of space between the toilet and vanity.  Andy finally found a used one on Craigslist.  It wasn't exactly what I was looking for but the price was right.

We just topped it with a one-piece granite top from Lowe's.

This shows you just how much space we have now between the vanity and sink.

Much better.  And oh, did you notice the new heater?  No more rust and pee stains.  Hallelujah.  I decided to add a little more storage space and was quite pleased when I found this at my favorite little primitive shop in town.  And, for only $25.

While the bathroom was under construction, we had the mirror resting in the hallway.  Well, with 2 boys running around you can imagine what happened.  It broke.  It turned out to be ok.  We ended up having to cut it to fit with the new size vanity.  Andy built a frame for it, and we painted it to match the vanity and storage cabinet.

I think it looks great.  We just recycled the old light, but unfortunately had to replace the glass shades because somebody (I won't mention who) managed to break one.  That turned out to be the biggest fiasco of the whole project.  I won't tell you how many trips I took to Lowe's and Home Depot to finally find some that would fit.

One more before and after. 



So, what do you think?  Did we do okay?


  1. Awesome! I think you really did okay. NOW.

    Do you want to come on over here - I have this gold bathroom...


    1. I wouldn't change a thing about your house. It seems to tell it's own story, and you get to be a part of it. ; )