Friday, February 24, 2012

I would like you to meet...

I want to introduce you to a couple of "things."  First is Buddy.

This is Buddy.  My Mom and Dad just adopted him last week.  He is stinkin cute.  And all puppy.  Loves to chew and nip and jump.  I love him.

It's been a long time since we have had a new puppy in the family, so we are all enjoying him.  Well, except for my nephew.  He is more afraid of Buddy than anything else.

That's me and Buddy just hanging out on the couch.  (He's not supposed to be on the couch, so don't tell anyone.)  :]

He was "captured" and put in "jail."  In other words, he was being naughty.  :[  Poor little guy.


Okay, before I post waaay too many pictures of the dog I better move on and introduce you to something else.  This is...

Doug!  Yes, I named a plant Doug.  I'm a little embarassed to admit this, but it just sort of happened.  This very large plant was given to me as a "remembrance" of my former boss, Doug.  You see, it used to belong to him and he was unable to take it with him during his move, so it now has a new home.

I am really not mental even though it may come across that way.  This is by no means a "shrine" or anything weird like that.  It's just a beautiful plant that happened to need a name.  Well, I think the name fits.  How bout you, do you like the name or are you calling in the institution to reserve me a room?


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