Thursday, April 12, 2012

A little overwhelmed

I had every intention of doing a completely different post.  One of normality.  Just randomness of home and life.  That was up until about an hour ago when I received a text.

Last June I received devastating news regarding a friend of mine who has since moved away.  I won't go into details, but my dear friend experienced something so tragic.  Something you hope you never have to experience, and thankfully most of us never will.

Death of a the hand of another.

I have often found my thoughts drifting to my friend.  Left behind to pick up the pieces.  To wake up everyday and feel the loss.  To look in the eyes of her sisters children and just keep going.

Even now, I'm still stunned silent.  Speechless.  I still can't come to terms with the depth of this tragedy.

You see, I have sisters.  Two of them.  And I would give my right arm for either of them.  When I think of my friend I often feel guilt because of this.  I know she would give anything to have her sister back.  Anything.

The text I received tonight was to inform me that the trial had begun and a verdict was reached.


I read tonight that her family now can "breathe a little deeper."  I'm sure there is a great sense of relief.  Justice has been served.  But to receive this justice the family had to relive the nightmare all over again.  Young children having to testify against their father.  Can it get any worse than that?  They not only lost their mother, they now have no father.  It's tragic all around. 

And what are they left with?  I have no answers.  Just questions.  I can only pray that God will give them the strength to continue.  Comfort.  Love.  Unending Love.

I'm overwhelmed with thoughts.  My head is spinning with saddness.  Anger.  Relief.  Hope.  I get to sit here all snug in my home.  Loved ones tucked into bed.  Everyone healthy and well.  She doesn't have that luxury anymore.  Her security blanket ripped right out from under her.  Nothing will ever be the same.

So, tell me why.  Why is it that we get to keep on living our snug little lives when for others it feels like the whole world just stopped?

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  1. You beat me too it. I was going to comment here on your post and didn't get around to it until now. I read yours after I wrote mine about my dad.

    I remember hearing this news, about Nat. SO SAD! and it is even more so then my own experience. And today - when the tears fell for me and my memories - they were more out of the fact that he is there and we're not. THat is our HOPE! We know - we will see our loved ones again...if they are in the Lord.

    Maybe that's my mixed-up answer to your lingering question...and mine.