Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Watching and waiting.

I received a hummingbird feeder for Christmas this past year and have been waiting to use it.  Well, after doing a little research I learned that it is now time to put it up.

My Grandparents (both in heaven now) lived in Wisconsin, and used to feed hummingbirds and I loved watching the little creatures come and drink right outside their windows.

They made their own nectar to feed them.  So, I knew I could do it too.  First, I had to find a pitcher to store it.

Found this baby yesterday at the local thrift store.  I decided to label it, well, because...funny story here...This past summer while in WI I drank some hummingbird juice.  Not because I wanted to, but because it was placed on the counter at a family gathering for a selection of drinks.  Apparently everyone (out there) knows that that particular pitcher held the nectar.  We, on the east coast, did not know.  So, I poured it thinking it was water and boy did I get a surprise!!  No wonder the birds keep coming back.  That stuff is sweet.  : }

So, I made my nectar and hung my feeder.

So, now I just watch and wait. 

View from my kitchen window.

Here's hoping!!

Happy Wednesday.

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