Friday, March 30, 2012

I can do this!!

So it's day two of being alone.  And much like I thought, I'm singing a different tune today.  The loneliness has faded and the fun has begun.

I set out to do a project.  Let me share this with you first.  My youngest son is a disaster.  We call him "pig pen" and it fits.  You may also call him the tazmanian devil.  He is very scatter brained.  But to his defense, he lives in the moment.  Good or bad.

Well, for someone who tends to be a "neat freak" his messiness can be very difficult for me to deal with.

Here are some pictures of his room.

This is a good day.  Usually you can't see the floor.

So, the project was to purchase some shelves and put them together.  Then use them in his closet.

Here's what I got.

Around here Andy usually does the building and the tool using.  But, I thought I could handle this myself.  So I did.

I did it.  I got them put together.  Woo hoo!!

I got busy and did some organizing.  It feels good.  I love to clean and organize.   So, an hour and a half later here are a few pictures of his room/closet all done.

Ah, much better.  The pictures really don't do it justice.  Boy was it fun and is he going to be surprised when he gets home.  Now, I only hope he keeps it clean.   ; ]


  1. You go girl!! I'm even proud of you. ;)

    1. Q. for you, Kelli. What kind of web browser do you use? I'm having issues with my "reply/delete" and so I was trying yours out - and it works!! I can "reply"... makes me wonder what is up with my computer.