Friday, March 9, 2012


Yesterday I had the great privelege to visit with my friend Bevy.  I wanted to talk to her about this beast.

You see, she is a talented and fabulous sewer.  I knew if anyone could help, Bevy could.  She was very helpful.  However, I still have a lot to learn about her.  (the sewing machine that is)

Well, as with any great friend our conversation soon drifted from the sewing machine to other more important and fun things.

I enjoyed my visit with her immensely.  It's always so nice to catch up with an old friend.  Well, she's not old, just long-standing.  During our conversation she referred to me as a "comfort food" sort of friend.  I chuckle at that still.  Some may not get this, but her sweet comment felt good.  It's exactly how I wish to be thought of.

She gave me a great gift.

This book is great.  I've only begun to mark my pages and already I see it's value.  What struck me right off the bat was this:  we are in a society of people who want to entertain guests, when what we really need to do is show our guests (and those we pass throughout the day) hospitality.  There is a big difference between the two and I am excited to delve ino the pages and really learn what those differences are.

I am not one who has guests in our home often.  I am very self-conscious and our home is on the smaller side.  But, it's a home none-the-less and it's beautiful ( I think) and God has truly blessed us with this home.  It just fits.  You know, like those old ratty sneakers that you throw on when you want to be comfortable.  That's home.  So, in practicing hospitality... would you like to come to our old ratty shoe for an evening of fun?

In this crazy, busy, ratrace life, I hope you find time to visit with a great friend such as I did.  Make some coffee, pull up a stool, put a movie on for the kids and


thank you Bevy for a great visit

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  1. Oh, you're welcome my friend. (smile)- I love that this book encourages not just our homes to be what hospitality is to be shared from but ultimately our hearts...our lived out lives.

    BTW: This author is planning a several week long book study on-line (I forgot to tell you about this). It's starts March 19th. I'll have to send you the link... I'm super excited.

    I have SO much to learn, so much to learn.