Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring has sprung!!

It has been so beautiful here the past week or so.

I don't know about you but I am certainly not ready to see it come to an end.

Tonight we had the priveledge of seeing both of our boys perform in a school program.  The theme of the program was a jungle.  It was quite cute.  Well, one of the songs was about the animals giving praise to God through their sounds.

It struck me in that even the animals know to Whom the praise is due.  That is amazing.  All of it just makes this creation so much more beautiful.  If that is possible.

We mowed the lawn for the first time today.  I love the sound of the mower and the smell, oh, the smell of fresh cut grass.  Don't you?  Nothing says summertime like the sound of the mower.

One thing I have learned is to enjoy each season as it comes.  Not to constantly be looking for the next season.  So, I wasn't quite ready for spring to come.  I wanted to soak up as much of winter as I could.  Especially since we didn't have one this year.  But, I must admit, now that we have had this taste of summer, I am afraid there is no going back.  I don't want the cold to return.  But if it does I will try my hardest to just enjoy it.  No. Matter. What.

And remember to Whom the praise is due!!

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