Thursday, March 15, 2012

S. O. S.

Andy has been out of town since early Monday morning so, I have been playing single parent all week.  Needless to say it has been a long week.  I love my boys very much.  So much so that I've gone and expected them to do chores and homework, get along with each other and put others first, to use words that are pleasing to others and to God all the while doing it with the right attitude.

They mistake my actions for mean-ness.  How could their mother love them if she expects these things from them?  To do things the first time they are told.  Oh, pure mean-ness!!  To have their homework done neatly without being told.  Gasp!!!  Oh, and not watching a movie on a school night!  You might as well lock me up!!

Well, tonight I found myself sending up a prayer.  A cry for help.  Hope.  A glimmer of hope that what we as parents have been telling them is sticking in their heads.  Something.  Anything to let me know that I'm on the right track.

I know we all go through times like these and I know in my heart of hearts that we are getting through to them.  I know this because my God loves them more than I ever could.  They are His children and I just get to be their mom.  Even on days (or weeks) like this.

So, I'll go to bed tonight with hope.  And a prayer of thanks to God for reminding me in this very moment to just love my kids even though it can be hard.

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