Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Day I Will Remember

Well, today was just one. of. those. days.  The kind where the rug of security is ripped out from under your feet.  I don't do well with days like this.  However, when I spoke to my husband about two such issues, he said "You sound rather perky considering what you've told me."  I guess he's right.  Amidst all of it, I have tried to remain (I'm trying to think of the right word here)...unafraid.  For me, that is a big thing.

My boss, whom I love dearly, got a new job.  I am super uber excited for him.  It has been awesome to see God working in his life.  And so quickly too.  We only have 2 weeks left with him and just 2 1/2 before he leaves permanently for another state.  Wow!!

This news leaves us all with so much uncertainty.  (aka..panic)  But, I am trying to resolve not to worry about it, but rather to embrace this change.  I am trusting in God.  I know He has a plan in place for the store.  As I told a co-worker/friend today, "this store belongs to God."  It's in His hands.  What better place for it to be?

Upon leaving work today I received a phone call from my mom with some very disturbing news from her neighborhood.  The house directly across the street to be exact.  The whole incident shook me to the very core.  All moments of security were ripped away in one moment.  The home that I spent most of my life in is no longer a safe haven for me.  I know someday it will be again, but until then?...Do I live in fear?  How do you accept what happened?  Does time help heal?  How can the actions of one person affect so many people?  Do they not give a thought to anyone but themselves?  This world can be a scary place.  Even in suburbia.  It shouldn't be this way.

It makes me rejoice in knowing this is not my permanent home.  I've got a home in heaven waiting for me someday.  A home free of worry.  Free of tears.  Free of sadness.  A home filled with love.  A home filled with beauty. A safe haven.  A home I don't deserve.

So, I'll cherish the plain and ordinary of today.  The getting up and making lunches.  The going to the bus stop.  The beauty of the sun and that will rise again tomorrow.  The walk with my dog and staring at the giant night light lighting up the night sky.  So much to still give thanks for.


  1. "So, I'll cherish the plain and ordinary of today."

    I love that line...and need to apply to my heart and life, too.

    Oh Kelli. I can so relate to ALL these words, you shared... and "our" boss... yay!!!!!! and NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I totally am right with you in these thoughts...life just isn't going to be the same in our neck of the woods anymore. :) Will you let me know if there is a going away party for him? If so, Would I be able to come?

    I just want you to know that I just got up (off my chair) to go write that line on my kitchen chalkboard. That's my take-away encouragement for the day. ;)

  2. I love your quote to enjoy the plain and ordinary of today. I'm writing that one down, too!

    Have a great day!