Thursday, November 10, 2011

On the hunt

A couple years back on a trip to Lancaster, I purchased small block letters to spell my boys' name for their bedrooms.  Well, some time ago the letter "N" disappeared from my son Collin's name.  His shelf looked like this.
Not a big deal I know, but yet everytime I was in there and looked at it, it bugged me.

This past Saturday I headed to Lancaster with my girlfriends and I was bound and determined to find a letter N from the store I had purchased them at.  I located them in the store and to my dismay they did not have the letter N. What?  Really?  Literally every letter was in stock through the letter M.  Everything after M was either limited or they had none at all. :{  My friends stood and laughed, and after the shock wore off, I joined in.  However, I was slightly bummed.  My son Collin would have to remain Colli until I got out to that store again. Likley in another year.  Ugh!
Well, we continued our day shopping at other stores buying things we absolutely didn't need, but wanted to buy anyway.  It was all fun. 
We decided to hit one last store before we went to the outlets and voila there were the block letters.  (insert loud trumpet music here)  I searched and searched as quick as I could.  Sweat beginning to form on my brow as I reached the area where the N should be.  My heart was racing and I think I might have stopped breathing for a few seconds.  :) 
And like a light shining from the sky there it was!!!
I grabbed my N and ran to the counter to pay for it, before it got away.  The one thing I needed and couldn't find, I finally had in my hands.  I asked the cashier not to bag it, so I could show it off to my friends waiting in the car.  I think she thought I was nuts.  I think I am.  :}  I was soooo excited.  Do you know the block only cost $.80?  Why is that something so inexpensive could bring such a burst of joy?  It's the little things. :} 
Collin was happy, but not near as happy as me!  That's okay.  I can now go in his room and not have that empty spot staring at me.  I honestly think it stuck it's tongue out at me once.  I could hear it say "nanner nanner boo boo! 
Well, not anymore!

The letter N...$.80
Gloves for Christmas...$6.00
Lunch with the gals...$10.00
Laughter with my friends...Priceless!

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