Monday, December 12, 2011

December Photo Project

December Twelfth
(Did I spell that right?)

I thought I was done decorating for Christmas, but no.  I wanted to put up my pencil tree this year.  Our pencil tree was the only tree we had for the first several years of marriage.  Our very first Christmas together as a married couple we lived in another state while hubby was finishing up college.  So, needless to say money was tight.  We had to get creative if we were going to hang ornaments on our tree.  So, we made our own.  Every year since that first Christmas we have hung them on our tree.  But over the years, we have gained a lot more ornaments, and the homemade ones are not the kids favorites.  So, they don't grab those for the tree.  In an effort to hang them this year, I decided on the pencil tree.  I love them.  They are my favorite.  They take me back to that first Christmas we had together and the time and money spent (though very little) putting towards the ornaments.  They have outlasted many that have fallen and broken.  I hope they will continue to last for many more Christmases.

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