Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My confession

So, if you've checked in here lately you will see I haven't been blogging much.  Truth be told...I've been sick.  Still fighting this stupid cold.  Anti-biotics help, but I'm still waiting to get "over the hump."  I've managed to still go to work, however, I've noticed I'm just going through the motions.  This Christmas season has really drained me.  Not just physically.  Haven't felt much like computing, reading or really doing anything at all.  I have only been working on puzzles.  Ahhh.  It's been a bit of therapy for me as I recoop.
Well, anyway, tomorrow we head out of town for a few days to visit hubby's family.  I'm desperately looking forward to some rest and relaxation.  All of that to say, you might not hear much from me over the next several days.  Unless of course, my gumption to compute live returns.  Blast this stupid cold.

Happy New Year!
God Bless You.

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